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A workshop to learn, converse and befriend change and transformation through the path of the Dark Night of the Soul.

The Dark Night may come in many guises but its purpose is always the same: to shake us loose, to pry us open and then to infiltrate every aspect of our lives in order to do the most comprehensive work of dismantling, tearing, crushing dismembering, while awakening and re-birthing us in our full humanity devoid of any agenda which is not being guided and held by our divine essence.


This workshop is offered in two formats:




What it is

This is an active exploration of the Dark Night, beginning with reading excerpts from various mystical travelers of the Dark Night. 


How it is held

Through art, writing/poetry and breath-work you will be invited to take what you have heard, place it right next to your life's challenges, listen and welcome what is awakened in you in order to first see yourself through the lenses of your soul's guidance and then try respond  to the work of  inner transformation from a place of greater awareness and surrender.

Who is it for

This workshop is  open to anyone who has cultivated his/her inner life over a period of time through his or her own spiritual tradition or through personal inner//therapeutic work.

Due to either exterior circumstances, like loss, difficult transitions or unexpected change, or due to a shift in your inner grasp and experience of how life is and how you should or would want to show up, you may long for a space to be heard and begin to dialogue with what you perceive as  uncomfortable and hidden, something that you may intuit as being simultaneously incomprehensible in you yet drawing you deeper into its embrace.  



In a day and age where so many workshops are offered with a guarantee of what you will take away with you, I am hesitant to make any clear-cut promises of definite results: I am, and always will be, process- and relationship-oriented. The success of the work I offer is not based on steps and formulas but rather on deep listening, hearing and responding to the various layers, verbal and non-verbal, the participants bring into the workshop. What I can confidently say, however, is that you will be given the opportunity to contact yourself, to sit with your inner world while being seen and heard in your spaces of difficulty, grief or resistance, and practice listening to what makes soul's sense and not just logical sense.

You will gain more insight into what the Dark Night IS versus what it is NOT, and have a deeper appreciation of basic but fundamental ways to sustain your heart, your body and your soul while on this challenging but deeply rewarding journey. 


As this is a full immersion workshop, attendance is limited to 8 people.

Click here for detailed programme and cost.




During this 2 hours online interaction the participants' understanding of the dark night process will be explored and basic guidelines will be offered on how to recognize - through personal events and circumstances - whether their soul is inviting them to dive deeper into their inner life.  

Cost and who it is for

This free online event is open to everyone who is interested in learning more about the Dark Night experience.

As this is a dialogue format and not a lecture, attendance is limited to 10 people.

Details of this event to come here soon.



                           ' ..... AND WHEN THE NIGHT CAME EVERYTHING CHANGED.......'

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