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Paola is one of those women who, time and again, come in the back door, gently offering to do what in hindsight most obviously could be done, and in fact needed to be done, for the sake of a good life.

In the years I've known her, she's helped me enormously, especially in times of transition.

As a single mom painting with her to create beauty out of emotional angst; as a soon-to-be bride cooking with her the day before my wedding to delight my 200+ guests; as an office worker deliberating with her on how to create visual aspects in our environment that would reflect my, and our, values and how to communicate the value of that to decision makers.

As a cancer patient talking through my internal feminine crisis in such a way that led me to take charge of my own process, humbly honouring my right to autonomy within my tribe.

More recently as a menopausal woman, sitting around a warm fire in her living room, being nourished by her hard-earned and profound insights, encouraged and excited to understand that my hot flushes give me access to more of my own energy and the possibility of being able to fully claim my rightful place in my world.

She names what is invisible, and with immense love prepares experiences that deeply nurture and gratify sensibilities, mind and soul.

I am hanging onto the joy she showed me, imagining what it might look like for me when I discover all that I am abandoning in myself.

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