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The spiritual accompaniment of the Anamcara  is the practice of sitting and walking  with people as they explore their inner world, discern their soul's voice, learn to navigate their relationship to the sacred thorough their unique personal spirituality, its challenges and its rewards. 


The process and experience of deep personal change is anything but simple. It requires single-minded commitment, patience, courage, humility, compassion and trust. It is not linear. It is often the stage where  resistance, frustration, anger, disappointment, fear, pain, grief, a plethora of ego-driven traits and shadow content  show up.

The undoing of a conditioned and ego-based identity, at a fundamental level can, at some point, be very disorienting, unsettling and scary.  

In the spirit of the Anamcara, I commit to be  the Friend of your Soul  as you open up to, and befriend, who  you are inside, consider your story and life so far, and slowly learn to discern your soul's voice, figure out your relationship to the sacred in you  and embrace your own unique path to peace and meaning.


I hold the space informally, in caring, compassionate friendship, in honesty, truth, love yet with firm boundaries and grounding.

I listen deeply, I ask questions, I don't prescribe nor give solutions. I don't work based on programmes, formulas or steps. The language of our inner world is neither logical nor linear: creative tools like writing/journaling, stories, poetry, art, music and attention to the body through breath-work  and yoga are more conducive to welcome and reflect on our inner experience than a more analytical approach.  (As far as possible I will use such modalities both online and in person). You will be invited  to be present with your emotions, your physical sensations, your personal history, and the possible trauma layers concealed within it, your beliefs and longings. 



If you are interested in exploring more actively how to live from the inside out;


If you have tried more structured modalities of human growth but feel deeper parts of you don't have the space to live;


If an intense transition or challenging circumstances are calling you to relinquish your identity as you know it and  you long for a soulful space to listen to yourself and decode your experience;

if you are sitting with unprocessed trauma and want to access a safe space to make sense of, and come to term with your experience;


If you body is affected by an illness for which doctors can't offer any further templates of healing  and you wish to engage with your body to hear what your soul has to say;


If you are a creative professional and long for a greater connection with the source of your creative fire;


If you are living a 'good life' but an inner restlessness pokes you and prods you out of a settled but deadening comfort;


If your relationship with what you thought was the sacred in your life no longer makes sense yet you long to

keep developing yourself spiritually........


This may be the landing space for you.




Sessions are offered both online ( via Skype or Zoom) and in person, for people residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Each session has its own rhythm. I am not strictly prescriptive of how long each session should be. In my experience a period of 60 to 90 minutes allows for enough movement, sharing, reflection and integration.


It is really important before entering this kind of journey of personal work and accompaniment to:

- gain a basic knowledge and understanding of each other

-  to clarify boundaries, explore personal expectations, ask questions, express doubts and concerns.

All of this is covered during the course  of an initial meeting. Frequency of sessions will also be addressed.


I feel very strongly about the freedom and ease of the first encounter and as such this first consultation will be free-of-charge. 


Subsequent sessions will be charged for.


Payment will be requested upfront for any online session: South African clients to pay via EFT or YOCO link.

International clients to pay via PayPal or YOCO link, sent before each session.

Fees: R700 or 70 USD per session.

If you are interested to book a first session click on  BOOK A FIRST SESSION below and drop me a few lines about yourself and what brings you here. (Times offered are in SA Standard Time).

If you want more information click on MORE INFO below.

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