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Open, close, give, take until I break: AND THEN WHAT?

When the blood of truth starts coursing through the veins of unconsciousness, waking up from our numbness and protective slumber can be a daunting experience: let's stay connected to what feeds and resources our bodies, our souls and the kindness streaming through our hearts. Our humanity and our evolutionary transformation depends on it. As we witness our brothers and sisters around the world being pushed around like cattle, or being caught in the crossfire of powers who relentlessly refuse to see their own darkness reflected in the actions of their perceived enemies; as we take in the destruction of our environment and natural resources by economic giants unable and unwilling to stop their frantic orgies of greed, manipulation and deception, the discomfort, the despair, the frustration, the rage and the horror which rise in us are very real and needed human responses. Yet our collective nervous system has become extremely dis-regulated and is now often precipitated in either a flight/fight or shutdown response: it is abundantly clear that what may have helped us navigate life before 2020, no longer seems to support the flow of life in us. When caught up in an external tsunami of information and interpretations and biased perceptions, and our bodies come to the end of each day either exhausted or on an adrenaline high which can only spell trouble for our capacity to rest and reset our system, let's take a deep breath and ask ourselves: how can I, how can we support ourselves and resource our nervous system to both come to a place of better stillness and quiet? Where do we find a space to pause, stop and let our inner gaze be nourished by beauty.... even for just a moment? Or by a moment of genuine connection and communion? Can we afford to let our hands get dirty with soil, or paint, or let our bodies break into dance, our voices in songs? Can we reach inwards and touch our playful wildness and remind ourselves that as much as we are capable of destroying we are just as capable of building and creating? Allowing our whole being to spend time processing the changes we have all been invited to embrace takes time: the more we agree to do this, and so digest present and past unresolved experiences, the more we can create space to be with ourselves in a way that can be nurturing and regenerative for ourselves. It will also liberate in us more of the life force so deeply needed to welcome and witness and compassionately hold the suffering, the breaking, the losses and the tearings in the collective fabric of our human family, without depleting or destroying us in the process. We can be both heartbroken, lost or mad over what is happening around us, feeling hopeless and helpless AND still show up with an open heart, and a genuine willingness to be of service to the unfolding of truth and so much life force waiting.... pushing.... wanting, in all of us, to burst free and create, through us, a new way of being in the world. Lets' keep nurturing and resourcing each other.

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