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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This is not the time to pretend we are not hurting, that we are not overwhelmed, that we are not afraid or that we are not confused.

This is not the time to dig our heels in and tighten our defenses against the tidal waves of change coming to take us on the most profound transformation we'll have to enter in this century.

This is not the time for denial, for retreating into candyfloss optimism nor escaping into corrosive pessimism.

This is not the time to push our anxieties outwards with cutting words and divisive debates nor inward with the destructiveness of self-abandonment.

No, this is the time to fall.

To fall into the arms of radical love, compassion, authenticity and truth.

To fall into the heart of not knowing and putting one step in front of the other, our eyes open, our humanity held with tenderness and kindness.

To fall into the soup of undoing which is cooking all of us to various degree of blackness while we learn to hold each other's hands so as none drowns under the relentless challenges, the intensities and the burdens unleashed by humans on humans.

Now is the time to fall into the excruciating realization that alone we don't stand a chance, that we are all being broken open, one way or another. And this is not a curse to be demonized but rather a gift of a compassionate grace, of a love so radical, so mad, so regenerative and so hellbent to birth a new collective humanity as our individualistic boundaries are stretched, dissolved or redefined.

It is the time to fall into the centre of our voices waiting to bring forth the uniqueness of Life in me longing for the uniqueness of you to be freed up and released, and so touching the uniqueness of him and her and us and them, the sound waves of all our sacred blueprints building a grassroot army of humans who are prepared to say NO...

NO to the manipulation of our minds

NO to the abuse of our our fellow humans splitting us from our heart's softness

NO to the numbing of our inner capacity to stand up and be counted according to our specific gifts

NO to the witholding of our caring for comfort's sake

NO to the deafening outer and inner noise, silencing our soul's call to guide us from within

NO to the corrosive acidity pouring from many top-heavy authority structures leading us away from our potential to empower ourselves and each other through connection, sharing, listening, holding, generosity of heart and means and the largesse coming from freely putting our lives to the service and welbeing of each other.

This is the time for a love as compassionate as it is ferocious, a love longing to meet us and teach us how to change from a place of surrender and not control,

from a place of humility and not self-righteousness and self-seeking,

from a place of justice and not fairness,

from a place of lifting each other and giving a continental and not for personal gain and calculated self-preservation,

from a place of wisdom and not of rushed, undigested knowledge,

from a place of emotional maturity and not of wounded emotionality.

May we debate less and listen more.

Teach less and share more.

May our rich human potential lead the believing and may our minds support our soul's understanding of the way forward.

There is space here. There is time here....

.... and a breathing vastness excavated by meeting What Is through pain, grief, confusion, disorientation, loss, abuse, abandonement, loneliness and illness.

Dear human, you are welcome here.

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